Feeble Escapism

He spoke as if I were his equal
Trying to make me feel like sleeping
wan’t evil
When I know I had to get up
take a shower
Get my act together so this day
I could beat

On average
My habits
Have me livin’ savage
Eatin’ Oreos from the bag
And smellin’ like a trash bin

Nomnom. Good fodder for designing a green webs...
Nomnom. Good fodder for designing a green website. #oreos #mint #milk #youngsavage (Photo credit: benjancewicz)

Huey Newton couldn’t get his men to pack guns.

You were a gangster before 50 Cent
You were a thug before Pac
You were a pimp before Jay-Z
But the method you ain’t got
Soul child, there were followin’
While you been the leader
You been beatin’ you boo in tank tops
Long before wifebeaters
You bean crazy & drunk before Crunk
You got generations on Fatboy with Brotha, Sould & Funk
If you’re young, gifted & black,
You’re the definition of cool
But if you ain’t usin’ it,
You’re a popular fool.