Occidental Attack

Since the beginning, you have divided.

You divided faith from religion,
Then divided religion into a million different religions,
each one different,
each one more and more lost.

You divided mosques from churches,
Divided churches from temples,
Divided temples from synagogues.

You divided each church, synagogue, temple and mosque so much, they war with other synagogues
and temples
and churches
and mosques.

You divided faiths over details insignificant to your faith and against the teachings of your God.

You divided faith from work,
Work from government,
Government from life,
Life from love.

You divided your work and your play.
You divided your government into ineffectiveness.
You divided your life into years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds.

You divided love from sex,
Divided sex from passion,
Divided passion from caring.

You divided countries from their kings,
Divided the food from the land,
Divided the land from the people,
Divided the people from the power,
Divided your souls from your minds.

You divided the people you enslaved and killed,
Divided them by Shade.
By Class,
By Wealth,
By Power,
And then taught them to divide themselves when you were not around.

And here I am, in love with unity.

Originally written in 2004, updated often.

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