Wake Up

Lyric ideas for a song. Thoughts?

Wake up
This epoch is yours
As long as you are alive
Undermine the cooling embers
Span your limbs, crane your neck
And rise.

Chocolate Mahogany Almond


Dedicated to Tamika, in memory of our times together

I see you smiling through the golden autumn leaves
Skin of choice; Chocolate Mahogany Almond
Your face like a ray of sunset lemonade
And you make me feel all right

The grass is cool between our fingertips,
14 carat leaves underneath our backs
Moist warm earth beneath the lawn
Miles and miles beneath that

You soar over me like Supergirl
Riding the wind on the palms of my feet
Laughing worries away as we roll in the umbrage
Of our grand lion-yellow fireworks tree

This is what our lives will be
Talking about the world and tickling each other
Lying and napping in Indian Summer
Let us always stay as we will always be

I see you peering down the concrete arches
Raiment of choice; Orange Cocoa Dusty Green
Your face reflecting light from the river
And you make me feel alright

The petrified stone cool under our palms
Ancient railway rubble dusty in our hands
Hurling down columns of air
Miles of ant miles beneath our chests

You sit contently like a tiny Buddha
Listening to the words of my book
Looking up occasionally as I pretend no to notice
The smiles you radiate to the corners of my eyes

This is what our lives will be
Listening to each other and enjoying the breeze
Lying and napping in Indian Spring
Let us always stay as we will always be.

Poetry Ideas

The devil will tell you you 99 truths to tell you one lie.
The higher you get in the tree, the more people can see.
Give what is natural away.

Mixed Roots Business Card Birch Front.jpg
Mixed Roots Business Card Birch Front.jpg (Photo credit: benjancewicz)

See, I would be your Birch Tree if you would be my Mahogany
Or maybe even my Cedar
See, the hue of your skin tone is so deep
I can almost see the depth of your soul reflected in me
Being with you makes me want to do more than get a tan…

Pushin’ the Jag because you ran out of gas

You could be my star for the night
Before I move on
And shrink back into my meaningless life

Being in the pulpit don’t make you a saint,
Saying somethin’ you is, don’t make you somthin’ you ain’t.