Writing journals

So, I have this beautiful iPad that Tamika gave me for my birthday last year.
And the majority of the time, I spend playing this game called Indestructible.
I don’t play games often, but when I do, I become an expert at them. I play every possible scenario, explore every last corner, and then I’m done. Then I go for 1-2 years without playing games.
Indestructible, however, doesn’t have an end. They just keep updating it. New weapons, new cars, new challenges.

We’re in Connecticut right now, and yesterday I stopped by to see Babchi. She told me about her and Jaju’s honeymoon, and all the fun they had. I don’t think I’d ever seen her this animated about telling about good times she had had with him.

And I’ve been thinking. Playing that game does me nothing, it doesn’t go into any book, no one will ever remember the score I achieved. It. Does. Nothing.

So I’m going to write more. Or at least try. And make something worthwhile, that someone will one day read. Maybe. Or at least it will help me remember what my life was like.


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