How do you show Love?

How Do You Show Love

June 21, 2003

Written when I was almost in tears waiting to be loved; simply begging for someone who took an interest in me, who cared for the strange person I was, and would be interested in finding out more about me.

I’ve discovered that someone who fits perfectly with me is incredibly hard to find, but also realized that if I wanted to find them, they would be looking for someone who would care for them.

Thus, the conclusion to my turmoil, and the production of the poem.

How do you show Love
When you care for someone so much
How can you think straight
When they love you just as much

How can you feel cold
With so much warmth inside
How can you feel alone
When someone is always by your side

How can you feel stress
With someone to calm your fears
How can you be frightened of growing old
With someone who is there for years

How can you be silent
When everything in you shouts with gladness
How can feel sorrow
With someone who dries every sadness

How can you cry
When the tears won’t come
How can you wear anything but a smile
When happiness from them comes

* * * * *

So how can anyone be sad
If you do the same
How can anyone not know where to go
When it begins to rain

How can anyone feel alone
If you are their friend
How can anyone feel frustrated
When you’re with them to the end

How can anyone feel left out
If you always include them in
How can anyone not care
When you care so deep within

How can you refuse
The greatest tool from above
How is it possible
Not to show love?

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