Life in a Sunbeam

Life in a Sunbeam

July 6, 2003

This poem was written last summer, it was a gift. I guess it shows what must have been fundamentally wrong with the relationship. She accepted the gift, but not the Life in a Sunbeam.

yes, this poem is sappy.
yes, it’s romantic.
yes, it’s idealistic.
but if you can’t relate to it, I weep for you.

You can call me simple
For wishing on a stars above

You can tell my I’m crazy
For believing in true love

But I can’t help living in a dreamworld
That’s just the way I am

I can’t help looking on the bright side
Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to stand


I live for every moment
Memorize every trace of a smile

Because I’m so scared of losing you
And have only that memory to push me

So join me in this fantasy land
Be with me a dreamer of dreams

For life gives us only one luxury
Life in the glow of a Sunbeam.

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