Patreon Launched!

So, it is with great nervousness and excitement and trepidation and joy that I am announcing my next big project.

Patreon is a system that allows people to get involved more intimately with my artwork and creative process.
It’s based on the old idea of being a patron of the arts, where those with money would contribute to individual artists, to keep them from starving.
There have been countless people who have helped me with my creations in the past, and this is a more organized way of thanking them and giving back.
Many many people have been pushing me to create this account, and so after months of building it, here it is.
I don’t really know if this is going to work or not, but I’m excited about what’s possible. There are many ways to be involved; some don’t require any money at all.
If nothing else, I’d appreciate just sharing this.
💙, Benjamin
Many thanks to people who have contributed to setting this up, especially Tamika. Thanks also to Shaè, TLC Baltimore, Tariq, Shannon, and the Baltimore Ceasefire 365 crew, just for being good friends who’ve supported me and shown me love.

Share what you think with me.