Fen Xin

Fen Xin

August 17, 2003

Fen Xin means literally “Divided Heart” (thanks, sto67), though I used it for a slightly different definition than Stephen did.

I’m confused as to what was really true in the past; whether Caroline lied to me or not. I don’t know. You see, one of the last things she said to me was that every time she had said “I love you.”, she had never really meant it.
But, I don’t know how much truth there was to that. It leaves me wondering which was the lie.

Anyhow, back to the poem.
It’s an experimental style for me; pure rhythm. This poem can actually be done as a rap, which I may do later.
The title (Fen Xin) is meant to be read as part of the poem.

I engineered it a bit more than is originally apparent, though… its deceptivly simple.

When you read it through the first time, you’ll probably read it straight down like you read any other poem. And it makes sense that way. The rhyming and story fit.

However, try reading the 1st line in each paragraph, and then the 2nd, and so on. You’ll see it tells a much more complete story.

I did this on purpose; because the truth can be taken two ways.

Fen Xin

Stolen soul
Gaping pool
Ancient scar
Stiletto mist

Half hole
Lovestruck ghoul
Winter star
Silent kiss

Unseen tear
Life unfair
Stolen right
Waning moon

Deafened ear
Undone pair
Soft goodnight
Far too soon

Shiny eyes
Heart of ice
Drawing close
Never again

Romantic vice
Unthrown rice
Living ghost
Lost Friend

Fen Xin

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