Never Be Decieved

Never Be Decieved

August 10, 2003

Thanks so much to :devsot67: for helping me learn rhythm for this one. :)

This is a NEW poem, I just wrote it a couple days ago after shuffling through my old poetry folder and finding nothing relating what I was feeling.

I’m simply entertaining a daydream with the poem, it’s not particularly written to anyone save my future wife.
I didn’t really have anyone in mind; just simply wishing I did.

I hope you enjoy itl

I want to sail breakfast
Far along the coast
Scent pines in our breath
Spiced with French toast

Feel the sun glow on your skin
Feel a love that’s never been
Let the seas swing you to sleep
Slumber with feeling too deep

I want to glance into your eyes
And never be deceived
I want to plummet into love
And know you’ll never leave

I want to show you forever
With nothing left to hide
I want to realize our dreams
And have you by my side

Watch the sun bloom
Over turquoise oceans
Feel our days blend
Destiny circumfornean

See the fish race by our ship
See the sail in full-blown rip
See the waves thunder the land
Let us see life hand in hand

Set our anchor in the cove
Don our snorkels and our masks
Glide above the glimm’ring reefs
Sharing smiles across the glass

Dancing close on starlit sand
As if it were our debut
After a million times
That I had danced with you

I want to pull the mast down
Weathering ferocious storms
Letting Chopin sing to us
Lighting candles; staying warm

I want to sit up with you
After we’ve gone to bed
Telling you soft sweet stories
As I cradle your head

I want to sail with you
To a land forevermore
Slide smoothly to eternity
And beach upon it’s shores.

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