Back Once Again

Back Once Again

June 7, 2003

This was written when I was loosing my almost ever-present bouyant personality. It seems strange now, how the person who betrayed me the most boosted me the greatest. I’m forever indepted to her, and yet she hurt me so badly…

Stories for other times.

The poem is a reminder for me now, whenever I’m feeling down, or if I’m loosing my grip. I reminds me not to focus so much on the opposite sex, on stuff, on money, on other people. One simple advice always lifts my spirits: Look Up.

The silence rested in me
I had peace once again
Chaos blinded with the ragged leaves
Brought me to the inevitable end

I released the grip
I ceased to trip
My heart released it’s hold on my ribs and sank back to rest
The storm blew me away

Out of the darkness by the nape of my neck I was flung
Into hurricanes of light
At wonder I looked around and then at myself
And then cringed at the awful sight

I saw the worst things one could imagine
As I stood alone in the air
The light blasted through my soul
and behind me left a filthy shadow hanging there

I looked over
She pointed up
He took my hand
He filled my cup

With ripping iodine
And a searing pain
He scraped away the filth
And flushed it down the drain

“You’re free”
He said, with a gentle smile
I curled and sighed softly,
My timbers shaking as I did

“Just remember that you are not the maker of your gifts” He said with a stern but forgiving smile
And once more my eyes for the millionth time opened their lids

I ventured out into the well-known space
Knowing all too well as I did
the instability of my own footsteps
could only be sure if I stood in the same place He did.

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