The Great Minivan Art Sale

As many of you know, my parents are missionaries in Northern Quebec.

As many of you ALSO know, my parents have very recently had some major car troubles.

So, we’re raising money for them. Through art.

I’ve recently updated the pricing structure for selling my art of the Zerflin website. You can check it out by going to the Art Gallery, clicking on any piece of art, and scrolling to the bottom. Underneath the comment field, you find a place to buy the art.

So, here’s where the Great Minivan Art Sale comes in.

At the bottom of the size/finish options on the Add to Cart field, are some Charity options.

If you want to give 1$, buy a 4×6:Charity print. (it’ll be $1.30)
If you want to give 5$, buy a 8×10:Charity ($6.75)
If you want to give $25, buy a 10×15:Mounted-Charity ($35.50)
If you want to give $50, buy a 12×18:Mounted-Charity ($70.50)
If you want to give $100, buy a 16×24:Mounted-Charity ($139.25)
If you want to give $125, buy a 20×30:Mounted-Charity ($174.25)
If you want to be extremely generous and give $500, buy a 40×60:Mounted-Charity ($686.50)

You get the idea.

100% of ALL PROFITS will go to my parents.

And every little bit counts. If you can do $1.30, please.

Of course, you can get a whole bunch of 4×6’s too. They make great gifts! Give them away. Do as you will.

And thank you. 🙂

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