Stella’s Birthday Card

I feel like an idiot.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been sending notes to Stella Pien via her locker. I started this because of a program by several teachers who picked various students and send them typed notes of encouragement, signing them, “Your Special Friend”.

The program lasted only one month, but my notes continued. Last Sunday, the 21st, was Stella’s birthday. I designed a pretty card on the computer with flowers on it, and wrote a short poem, signed it as usual; “Your very special friend”, and on Monday during lunch, popped it into her locker.

Later during lunch when all the local kids came back to the school, I was walking in the hallway. Stella and some of her friends were crowded around her locker. She saw me down the hall, and called out: “ᒋ ᐅᐤ, Ben?”, asking me if I wrote it.

Like a total ignoramus, I did nothing but blush deep red and reply “ᐊ?!?”.

Well, enough.
I’m tired.
Maybe it will work itself out…

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