October 7, 1997

Patrick Nattawappio hit me because he wanted to use my gloves.

Hi Miss!

I don’t know what to write. For my oral presentation, I mean. Just write about the place? Or write about the story I’m going to write?

I already started on the story, it’s going to be about a fishing boy named Pablo Trinidadé Da Costa, who lives in the middle of the Sulu Sea in the Philippines. Time setting is in the future, and the Philippines are now officially a state of the USA, which is now having trouble with it’s name, since 2 of it’s states, Hawaii and the Philippines, are not part of the American Continent. I haven’t decided what is going to happen to him though, maybe another World War, or threat from Germany, or perhaps another Ice Age.

This sounds very interesting Ben. I hope it’s clear about the oral presentation now.

Yes, documenting the incidents is a good idea. You might want to include the place and context.

Ahh yes– the Review Sheet– Ahem. I’ve written that on my to do list.

I’m afraid this is a short response. I’ve got a ka-zillion things to do! Ugh!


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