Motorcycle man!

I am officially registered to ride a motorcycle, thanks to the state of Maryland, Victor Ponte (my instructor), and Old Glory Harley Davidson!

I past both the written and road tests with flying colours (only 1 mistake on each).

Just got home about half an hour ago. The training was fun, but really long! 2 four hour days, and 2 ten hour days. I am beat!

I picked up my motorcycle from my friend Adam Scott’s house, then rode to Home Depot for some supplies. Our neighbor agreed to let me use their abandoned tin-and-steel shed, but it didn’t have any locks on it. I installed two heavy duty padlocks on the steel doors on the front, and then also padlocked the bike itself to a steel cable wrapped around the center beam of the shed. And there’s a inGENIOUS alarm system I built that’s so secret I just can’t tell you about it (unless you email me).

I am sore everywhere. Never mind that drilling through steel takes a lot of work! I clocked nearly 12 hours on motorcycles this weekend.

But it was worth it. Tomorrow, I’ll be able to get suited up, and thunder down to work.

I’m slowly catching up with emails, projects, and phone messages, so if you haven’t heard from me yet, you will soon. But now, right now, I need sleep. 🙂

OH. Before I forget, I need some help! I’m going to name my motorcycle. Any suggestions?
My old bike was named “Wiskichan” (the Naskapi word for Canadian Jay). If you’ve got any ideas, I’ll translate them into Naskapi.

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