Most Evil Company

Today, the art directors put us in a room, and gave us a mock project. Work has been slow in the Design and Studio departments, so Mike and Roger, who share the design direction responsibilities, called us in to design a campaign for a product, company, or organization that we strongly disagree with.

The only trouble is, I’m the type that would much rather loose my job, than, for example, do work for the local Aryan chapter. That would definitely be shocking. So… should I go there?
And not only that, but certain political lines, I could easily see myself as being pro instead of con, so conversely, that wasn’t shocking enough.

I’ll have to think long and hard about this one…

Any ideas?

10 Replies to “Most Evil Company”

  1. Don’t go there. How about something like a company that encourages people to spend rather than be concerned about the environment? Promotion of SUVs, bailing out the car manufacturers with billions because they made stupid mistakes. Replace all your old appliances by dumping them – even though they still work (take a closer look at some of the ads in National Geographic). Any company that goes against going green. Fashion magazines that promote dumping clothing, not because it is worn out but because it is no longer “in”. How about those Swiffer things? Just keep throwing more and more away. Paper towels (my pet peeve!) I could list many others, but enough, eh? Love, Mom

  2. Buying a new car instead of fixing an old one would be a great way to go. The environmental ccosts of producing a car is worse than running a hummer! For those Hybrids, we mine the mettal here, ship it to Asia to be converted to Li-on plates, where it is shipped BACK to silicon vally to be made into the battery. Then they ship it to the factory finishing the car. Do you know how much diesel fuel a tanker uses in shipment? So then you look at the fact the new car costs 15k to 30k. Now look at buying one three years old. Yep thats right, its lost about 50 to 75 percent of its cost to you. It will usually still be under warrenty, and will have less than 100k miles on it. As for “saving gas”, the way you drive matters a lot. Just by softly using my gas/brakes, I’ve bumbed my sebrings gas milage from 20 to 22. And then I threw in a K&N air filter, giving me 23 to 24 in city. The new sebring is rated for 24mpg in city- which is 24 with no air, no radio, 45 mph max, 5 stops, and 5 lights.
    And Im ranting in the wrong direction, but you could tell making an add for a brand new car would have been my route. Arians would definatle be a bad way to go- any news for them is good news. You report about how bad they are, peeople join. You report on good things they do, and some people check them out, others strar attacking you.

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