It’s raining today. Water is coming down in sheets, drenching everything. It started yesterday, let up for while, and the came down harder as I went to bed.

There is not too much I like more, than to snuggle under a thick quilt listening to a storm drumming on the rooftop. Tamika stayed up late last night to do some work twisting her hair, and when she came up and crawled into bed, she lay her hand softly on my head, running her fingers through my hair.

It almost made me late for work today, I slept so good.

And even then, when I shrugged on my favourite jacket and the cold air hit me full force, I still liked the rain. It roared against the windsheild as I drove to work, senting tides of water up from passing trucks.

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  1. i miss a good rainfall. southern Californian’s idea of a hard rainfall is rain that falls for more than an hour, or drops more than a 1/4 of an inch. I find it funny that each time I’ve visited back east, my friends have appollogized for the rain- meanwhile I’m out running in it.

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