In this journal is A) a free car, B) a wedding invitation, and C) a house warming invitation.

We got the house, safe and sound! It was amazing too. Our realtor caught a $3000 mistake in the contract, and our mortgage guy flat out handed us $1000 because he had said we wouldn’t need it.

Tamika has settled in the house, and together we’ve been slowly taking care of unpacking and setting things up room by room. We’re still trying to work up the money for many of the things we need to take care of (like furniture, painting, appliances & tools) but we’ve been very fortunate. We have the necessities provided for us, and so far we have not bought a single piece of furniture in the house. The house came with all new appliances save the washer and dryer.

Tamika is now working with me at the National Fatherhood Initiative! Heather, on of the upper managers, mentioned they were looking for temporary help, so I suggested Tamika! She’s been doing great there, and people have been impressed with how quickly she’s been getting things done. Heather mentioned to me that they may be looking to hire her permanently. Just today, we found out that they’ll be hiring her for another month after our honeymoon!

The wedding plans are going very well. The only thing we’re really waiting on is a photographer to confirm. The day before yesterday I took off and Tamika and I went up to Harrisburg to get our Marriage License (which was amazingly easy), went to see the reception hall (which is decorated with Moroccan tile), got our wedding rings, and then got my suit for the wedding with matching shoes (white). I know all this sounds extravagant, but honestly, it couldn’t be cheaper. My suit is cheaper than renting a tux, and was on sale. Our wedding bands were even 75% off, and I was able to pay for them with the cash in my wallet!

Tamika and I are getting married on September 2nd, in exactly 2 weeks!!!
If you are reading this, YOU are invited. We have plenty of room in the ceremony, and a few choice seats for the reception too. So if you’d like to come, e-mail me immediately at
We also have an online registry, at [link] in case you’d like to bring something along. But if you can, please please please come.

For our honeymoon, we’re planning on going to Isla de Mujeres in Mexico. It’s a quiet little island off the eastern coast, about 7 miles by boat from Cancun. The locals don’t like spring-breakers much, so they keep it pretty simple there (I’ve read). We’re planning on taking a week of moped riding, snorkeling, and just relaxing and enjoying each other
Does anyone know anyone from Isla de Mujeres? If anyone does, we’d love to have someone show us around.

We have been blessed with a new car, as well! We now have a 2001 Saturn L200, a beautiful deep red that looks like it’s smiling at you, My old Passat has been limping a bit. While it is still a good car, it needs help. I’m willing to GIVE IT AWAY for FREE if someone would like it.

It’s a 1996 Volkswagen Passat, V6 engine, GLX, Standard transmission, and I paid $3000 for it when I got it.

It does run, but it needs about $800 worth of help.
It needs a new rod in the steering system (I can show whoever gets it where because I have the repair manual).
This problem makes the car drink steering fluid like most of us need to drink water.

The other problems are small, but bothersome.
It’s front bumper needs to be either taken off and put back on or completely replaced. It has been in two front accidents; the first was major and had been completely professionally overhaul (bumper, front post, grill, lights). The second accident was a minor fender bender, and hit in the exact same spot (ironically enough) and popped the bumper off and slightly bent the grill. It won’t take much to fix.

The front driver door only opens from the inside, it should be about 10-20$. There is a rod that falls off routinely on these models. The same has happened on the rear passenger side door, but it only opens from the outside.

Another chronic problem is the window gears, in which they skip (and consequently wear town a few teeth) when they’re rolled and you slam the door at the same time. This happened to the front passenger side window at some point before I got the car, and now the window won’t roll up all the way (stays about an inch open). There are rain guards on the front windows though, so it doesn’t matter too much.

The cruise control doesn’t work, but that’s minor.

And that’s it! It might seem like a lot, but it is free. E-mail me if you want it.

In October, we’re planning on having a house warming. Our new address is 4211 Potter St., Baltimore, MD 21229
If you’d like to come, let me know. We’ll be using the same registry we’re using for the wedding.

Whew! That was a big catch up. Contact me if you want to come to any of this stuff!

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