Rip van Winkle


Talk about getting back some sleep…
I went to take a nap around 6:30 yesterday afternoon… and slept until 7:30 this morning. Tamika was supposed to call and wake me up after half an hour, and she says she did, but that I was so tired that she just let me sleep. She’s always looking out for me. I ended up waking up spontaneously at 1:00 AM, but I watched the making of Matrix Revolutions until I was able to sleep again. I like that movie! I’m glad I finally got to see it. It’s amazing! I really want to see V for Vendetta now to see what the Wachowski brothers do in that film. I now own all 3 Matrix films as well as the Animatrix, which I paid a total of about 15$ for. Hurray for pawn shops and EBay.

I didn’t realize that I was that tired! I really have been worn out lately… I’ve been trying to do a million things… get the ring for Tamika, get my EIN for Zerflin to become a bonafide business, wedding stuff like invitations, photographer… going through the process trying to figure out how to buy a house and get a mortgage… and on top of that about a dozen graphics projects that are currently up in the air.
I usually end up shutting down and zoning out, and battling temptation; but I’ve been doing lots better.

Remember when I wrote about that horrible Chinese food I ate? Well, I added Dave Broussard on the e-mail group I have that I send out links to this journal (for those who don’t have DeviantArt). He’s the guy I’m designing this for:

His site is sort of up now, it’s here: [link]
Anyhow, he was intrigued by my journal that he read ALL of them. I was pretty surprised, frankly, there is a LOT of text on here!
He lives around here, and so the next day he took me out to Jen’s Chinese Restaurant for lunch and it was AWESOME! It is some of the best Chinese foor I’ve ever had. I had Seafood & Meat combo on pan fried noodles, and it was heavenly…
He and I have become pretty good friends since then, and he’s invited me to a men’s group that’s been meeting every Thursday evening that has done wonders for me. It’s been really good to connect with other men and to talk about issues that they’re struggling with.

In other news, both the Starlight forums and the Ethnic website are back up.
Starlight was my very first website I ever designed, and had a forum on there that was once pretty popular. I had people from all over the world coming on there and just hanging out. It fell into disrepair when the domain hosting for Zerflin went down, but recently I’ve been learning more about forum building, and I was able to revive it. It’s a pretty fun place, if you want to check it out. It’s here: [link]

Ethnic is also an online community, but it’s a lot more comprehensive. It’s a community for those interested in social change and finding solutions to the problems that harm our communities. It comes from the perspective that EVERYONE comes from an ethnic culture, and by viewing the issues though these lenses of equality and appreciation we might be able to come up with dialogue that will help us make steps to helping people.
It’s also got a library, a gallery and a regularly updated news forum that brings news from around the world about people of different ethnicities that you won’t hear in the common news.
If you’d like to check it out, visit it here:

Let me know what you think about these sites, and if I can improve them in any way! I’m planning on putting them up as deviations.


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