A day on Wiiskichaan

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Got up at 12!
Getting better…

Worked on Wiiskichaan for a bit, and rerouted the throttle cable. It helped it from running high, but later on in the day it rose again, and it idling at 4000 rpm now. Lower than it was, but still to high.

Zipped down to Lottie for lunch. Grace Li, Suji Yoon and their friend were there. They were finished, but waited around for me and we all just talked. I found Ed wandering around in the food court, so I invited him to sit with us. Grace agreed to play for my Senior Art show exhibition opening on the 17th, but she needed to check her schedule first.

I got a bag for the back behind the seat, so I can put tools in it and such.
I rode out to Ollie’s and bought some cheap spray paint and cleaning supplies. The bike could use some surface work. I also found some black high-temperature paint; its designed for painting exhaust systems and the like. The muffler and the exhaust pipes are pretty rusted, so I’m going to paint them down after I buff them.

I went to Wal-Mart after that (Ollie’s didn’t have primer) but I accidentally left the light on. For some odd reason, the bike wouldn’t start from the kick-start at all. I’m not sure how this is related to the battery; since Skidoos don’t have batteries and start fine without them. But after pumping it a couple dozen times, I gave up and sat reading in McDonald’s for a while. I know that if you leave batteries for alone for a little bit with no charge escaping; they’ll build up a little charge.
I was right, and after half an hour it started up fine.

I got home and into Lottie just before the door closed. I had packed a sandwich, though so I wasn’t really hungry. I had promised Helina Zewdu a ride on the bike as soon as I got it fixed, so after dinner I zipped up to the house to get my “dorky lookin’ helmet” and gave her a ride. I took her around the countryside around campus. The sun was setting, and it was beautiful. I think she liked it.

As soon as I got back, I met Joseph Chebbet, Boon, Lalrempuii and Janice VanHaltren going out to the movies. The car only held 4, so I gladly hopped on Wiiskichaan and followed them.
We split up at the theater; the girls went to see The Prince and Me and us three guys went to see Hellboy. I would have preferred not to have split up, but I figured the heck with it. It was rather odd, though. There was tension between everyone. I’m not sure if it was because of me or not. I sat next to Joseph in the movie and we laughed a lot. Boon was pretty quiet as usual.
Hellboy’s cool. Comic hero movie, much like Daredevil, but I liked this one better than Daredevil. Better storyline and much better acting, surprisingly. The ads on TV made it seem like the acting would be bad, but it wasn’t. Lots of action, and a lot of blowing up alien-looking creatures. I think the comic book is better, and it wasn’t worth the 5$ I paid. Oh well. 🙁

When we got out, the girls were waiting for us. They kind of sat around a while, and I donned my helmet. Joseph said they were going to go eat, and I said I’m meet them back at the house.

It was already dark, so no working on Wiiskichaan. 🙁

When I got in, Karin Glinton, Tolu, Heather and Richard were there. They watched some movie with The Rock in it. He’s a pretty good actor.

Collins and a couple others are going down to MD to visit Agaba, but I think I’m going to go to Global Outreach church with Helina and Rachael.

I gotta get to bed, if I’m going to do that, though. 😀

Happy Easter!

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