I trust and know that all is well in my world

I am leaning into this today. Nearly everyone I’ve come into contact with; my kids, my sensei, teachers, instructors, session leaders, friends, everyone seems to be going through heavy stuff today. Though I feel pulled in all these different chaotic directions and have even caught myself almost snapping back at people, I’m choosing to remain solid and calm and patient with those around me. The Creator is guiding me and is directing my path.

Where is your happy space?

I try to have as many happy spaces as possible. Little ones, so that if one is occupied or crowded, I have options to go to another. Ferry Bar Park down by the water on a sunny day. The pillows by the window in the front room at Impact Hub. The secret beach down by Fort Smallwood. My bedroom, nestled in velvet sheets and thick quilts. A class called Writers Therapy where we share with each other. Between my headphones riding the bus on a rainy night. Flying down country roads straddling my motorcycle. My hammock, strung between my roof rack and a tree in Druid Hill Park. I believe it is important to have as many spaces of peace as possible so that you can have as much peace as possible.

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