September 8, 1997

Not much happened this weekend.

There was a rummage sale on Saturday in the Kawawa church basement. I bought a small electric piano for a dollar, and a winter coat worth 2$ for three dollars, and a pair of mittens for two dollars.

I wish I had known about the rummage sale!

I helped paint the sides of our stairway on Saturday (we’re going to put a stairway carpet down).

What did you think of the party? I thought it was pretty boring. I had to be “babysitter” to about 20 screaming kids.

I got there as everybody else was leaving. We spent a pleasant hour or so hanging out and chatting.

There was an accident on the way to school, a small trick tipped off the road before John Lake.

I saw that.


Hi Ben–

Ahhh– I have a lot to respond to here! I was going to stop and read your story once and for all– Well, by now you know, I’ve misplaced it. It’s probably at school. Blah! Regarding having the class do a response–That’s a possibility. I don’t think you should hide your authorship. However, George Eliot did it, as have a number of authors… Let me finish reading it. I’ll see where we can fit it in.

Hmm– your desire for the extraordinary and unordinary helps me understand your aversion to Slash. Ben, I often find (maybe I’m wrong!! There’s always a slight chance!) that you resist things tried in English class without giving them a second chance. No, Slash is not about a sole non-Native, American-born guy attending a Native School. However, as with any other character (unless, perhaps, it’s from sci-fi) Tom K. is a human being, fictitious yes, but created by a real live human Jeanette Armstrong, who created Tom K. out of her own experience and the experiences of those around her. The same is true for your characters– there’s a little of you in each one. (Take that a step further – The biggest Creator – God – left quite a bit of Himself in each of His characters!)

Don’t look at the surface of everything. Meaning can be found at so many levels. You want your readers to consider the possibility that Leonardo Da Vinci was extra-terrestrial. Armstrong wants people to consider the possibility of Tom K. being a real person. Take some time to do this. I’m sure, even though your specific experiences are not the same, you will find commonalities between Tom K. and the great author, Ben J. Also, the book will teach all the students a little about fairly recent Canadian politics and history which may otherwise go unaddressed. People are not politically aware enough these days– That’s a generality and not true for all. I just want to shake people’s thinking in Sec IV-V.

Hey, to be honest, I’m not keen on sci-fi. I’ll give you a chance and read your work if you give me a chance and read my selection.

Well– as Forest Gump would say– “That’s all I got to say about tha-at.” (at least for now)